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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Lush Swansea New Store Opening Blogger Event ♡

I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening of the Lush store in Swansea on the 3rd August in their new location on Oxford Street. As much as it's really sad the old Lush store is now closed, the new location is so much better, it's longer and more room to display their products. Christmas time won't be so squished from now on.

I was super excited to be going to my first ever blogger event, I really had no idea what to expect apart from of course I was going to the nicest smelling shop ever *squeals*

I got to the store in plenty of time and peeped through the windows, I could see all the staff members working hard to get everything ready for us. There were also two ladies holding drinks on a tray and a photographer *oohhh posh* yes I agree, that was my thought!

The rest of the bloggers arrived and the event was about to begin. The doors were opened and we were greeted by a really energetic lady who was excited to let us in. We were all given cute name tags, attached to it was a lanyard and we were offered either an alcoholic or non alcohol drink. 

At first glance we all were amazed, the store was filled with pretty colours and products. We were told to take as many photos as we wanted, as you'll see through the post I got a bit camera happy. The store looked so nice, everything had their own sections and it was very easy on the eye. 

We were allowed to make our own bath bomb, it was so exciting plus knowing you could take the bath bomb home free of charge and use it knowing you made it was fabulous. I learnt so much about the process of making one and the ingredients that go into them. The bath bomb I made was Intergalactic, it's such a beautiful smell and so many bright colours in it. The two members of staff were so supportive and helpful!

Another member of staff was doing a talk about skincare products and showing us the ranges. He also shown the charity pots which I found really interesting finding out what thry go towards and how good Lush is with charities.

Charity Pots
Face Toners & Face Soaps

Face Masks

A lovely energetic lady did a demo on the new jelly bath bombs. I was so intrigued to see what they were like. We were shown three of them, two were demos. Dark Arts, The Big Sleep and Green Coconut. Dark Arts is inspired by Harry Potter and turns the bath a mystery black colour with a pink inside, it may be black but it doesn't stain your skin so do not worry. 

Green Coconut
Dark Arts
We also had a demo on the hair oils by a lovely lad. He told us all the information you would want to know and explained the benefits for your hair especially if you colour your hair. They were so easy to use and smelt lovely! Just place it in the cup, pop it in, hold the stick and stir it around until it melts into the water. 
I got talking to one lady about the body scrubs, I had never thought to try 'rub,rub,rub' but it smelt like peppermint it was so refreshing and also learnt about their new Scrubee, it's so cute. 

Scrubee Scrub
Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub - Refreshing! 
We also spoke about the shower gels and the soaps too. I have only ever tried Rockstar soap so to be told about the other soaps they do was brilliant.

Whoosh Shower Jelly

I never knew they sell knot wraps, they are beautiful and can be used for so many things. 

We spoke about the shampoos and I had my chance to share my love for big shampoo. I had the chance to explore the shelves to see the other hair care they had to offer. 

The next few areas I had a look through on my own. I had a look at the massage bars, tooth tabs and the gift sets. The massage bars are so nice and a little goes a long way. The tooth tabs I didn't spend too long looking at although they are a good idea. The gift sets are beautifully wrapped and they gave a new gift set called the art of bathing I think.

The bath bombs are really colourful, I thought I would add some photos of their bath bombs even though they aren't new.....although I hadn't seen two of them before.

Lush have this gorgeous stand with the makeup and lip scrubs on. I love that it has it's own section now.

We were given the opportunity to buy any products we wished to. I was also lucky enough to receive a Knot Wrap with some new products in there to try out.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank the Lush Swansea team and the Lush PR team in general for this amazing opportunity I am so grateful and I had an amazing time. Also thank you for my lovely goodies. 

Have you been to the 
new Swansea Lush store yet?


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