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Monday, 30 January 2017

Loreal Pure Clay Face Masks Review. Full Set ♡

Sometimes I try not to fall for the special offer on the new and latest products that the sign makes you feel you need. Boots had an offer on where you could save £2 so I had to buy them... yes 1-0 to Boots, they will always defeat me.

At the time they had a leaflet by them, you place the circle cut out on each part of your face and it tells you what place to put each mask. It was so helpful!

I'll start with explaining what each mask claims to do.

Glow mask
This mask claims to brighten and exfoliate your skin.

Detox mask
This mask claims to detoxify the skin surface by cleansing deep into the pored leaving skin looking clarified and beautified without drying it out. 

Purity mask
It works deep into the pores, leaving skin purified and matte looking. 

All masks claim to not dry out the skin and I have to agree. You can apply the same mask over the whole face, but if you want to target different problems round the face this is how I do it.
Forehead - Purity Mask
Cheeks - Glow Mask
Nose and chin - Detox Mask

Overall Opinion
The Detox mask makes your skin super soft and your face feels really clean but without the horrible tight feeling. I wouldn't say I have noticed my skin looking brighter or more 'glowy' with the Glow mask however I will give it more time. The Purity mask makes your skin feel lifted of the badness your skin may of picked up through out the week. They are such good value for money and the packaging is so sleek and nice makes it look more expensive.

9/10 for Detox Mask
6/10 Glow Mask
7/10 Purity Mask

Have you tried these, what do you think?



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