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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Travel Lodge Birmingham - Bullring Review ♡


I recently stayed at the Birmingham Bullring Travelodge. It was in the centre of all the places I needed to get to. Perfect location for shopping in the Bullring, or if you are going to concert like I was. 


It's definitely the most affordable place I have ever stated in. It was only £25 and that was a double room for two people. You could have half hour free WiFi,  or pay £3 for 24 hours and that is what I did. You were entitled to have breakfast there for a price, however I chose not to.

The Hotel

It was clean, however there was a massive spider in the lobby and was still there the next day. I'm sure they could if helped him find the door....poor thing! There was a restaurant area which was open if you wanted to go in, however I didn't pay for meals and got them else where. 


The room was clean, our room was at the front of the hotel which meant we could hear all the traffic and people going on their way. They supplied us with a small kettle with sachets of coffee and tea but no pots of milk, so we were unable to have any due to there not being a fridge.  There was a reasonable sized television though. 
The bathroom was clean and an okay size, however the light switches had a mind of their own. You'd press the end switch once and it would be the bedroom, you turn it off and do it again it turns on the bathroom light. (Very weird!) Also I turned the tap on the basin turned it off, got into bed and the shower came on, on its own even though I hadn't touched it at all! Towels smelt a little funny too. 


I did have an okay night sleep, the bed was so comfortable and the pillows were like laying on a cloud! Perrrrfect! However, about 3/4am a man was yelling outside and slamming doors. I also heard someone beeping multiple times which by the time they stopped I was awake. It was a Friday my night though, weekdays may be a bit quieter.


I think for £25 for two people to stay one night, it's a really good price! However, if you want a coffee take some longlife milk with you and also maybe go on a weekday. For the price though it was fab and the location was close to everything I needed. 

A good budget hotel! 

Have you been anywhere nice recently? 


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