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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Benefit Rollerlash Mascara Review! Want Longer Lashes? You'll like this ♡

Okay, it was late and I was browsing makeup online and came across this mascara. I have owned it in the past but hadn't owned it in a while so thought I'd splurge and treat myself. I wanted to see if it was worth it or whether you could get better or the same results in cheaper brands.

The packaging is so pretty! I think it's such a sleek look and a touch a pink to the lid matching the writing is a nice touch. The shiny black is a good contrast to the matter lid. I think out of all the benefit mascaras this one is the nicest of the nicest with 

It's a little on the pricey side, not as much as say your Chanel or Dior mascaras but still more than an average student would pay. It's £19.50 in Boots and if you only want to try it out you can buy a mini version for only £9.95. 

Product Description
The eye opening Hook 'n' Roll brush grabs, separates,  lifts and curls. While the instant curl setting formula holds for 12 hours. Contains provitamin B5 and serin ingredients known for their lash-conditioning conditioning benefits. It's water resistant and easy to remove.  87% said it gave a long lasting curl.

After using it myself I would say it takes less product to get the finish result. Where as with cheaper mascaras you need to layer them up to get this result. The brush is good at grabbing the right amount of product and coating the lashes.  I would say it really does curl my lashes and is a really deep black which I love! You don't end up with flaky bits under your eye either, it stays in place.

It's a lovely mascara, so nourishing on the eyes. I am unsure how to say how quick it drys up but I think it is worth paying a bit more.


What mascara have you tried recently? 

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