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Monday, 30 January 2017

Loreal Pure Clay Face Masks Review. Full Set ♡

Sometimes I try not to fall for the special offer on the new and latest products that the sign makes you feel you need. Boots had an offer on where you could save £2 so I had to buy them... yes 1-0 to Boots, they will always defeat me.

At the time they had a leaflet by them, you place the circle cut out on each part of your face and it tells you what place to put each mask. It was so helpful!

I'll start with explaining what each mask claims to do.

Glow mask
This mask claims to brighten and exfoliate your skin.

Detox mask
This mask claims to detoxify the skin surface by cleansing deep into the pored leaving skin looking clarified and beautified without drying it out. 

Purity mask
It works deep into the pores, leaving skin purified and matte looking. 

All masks claim to not dry out the skin and I have to agree. You can apply the same mask over the whole face, but if you want to target different problems round the face this is how I do it.
Forehead - Purity Mask
Cheeks - Glow Mask
Nose and chin - Detox Mask

Overall Opinion
The Detox mask makes your skin super soft and your face feels really clean but without the horrible tight feeling. I wouldn't say I have noticed my skin looking brighter or more 'glowy' with the Glow mask however I will give it more time. The Purity mask makes your skin feel lifted of the badness your skin may of picked up through out the week. They are such good value for money and the packaging is so sleek and nice makes it look more expensive.

9/10 for Detox Mask
6/10 Glow Mask
7/10 Purity Mask

Have you tried these, what do you think?



Thursday, 26 January 2017

Primark Has Stepped Up It's Game! Flower Bralets ♡

I recently took a trip to Primark (possibly for the 5th time in only a few weeks) I have to say, they definitely have stepped up their game....DAMN! I found the flower bralets that are all the go lately. Of course they were he'll of a lot cheaper than higher brands. Top was £8 & bottoms were £3, the fit is really good you wouldn't think they were from Primark. 

I also picked up this black silk robe with lace detailing as it was only £10. Super simple.... but non the less very classic. 

Definitely will be popping again soon as the spring pieces should be arriving slowly..yay warmth and colour!

What have you bought in Primark recently?


Travel Lodge Birmingham - Bullring Review ♡


I recently stayed at the Birmingham Bullring Travelodge. It was in the centre of all the places I needed to get to. Perfect location for shopping in the Bullring, or if you are going to concert like I was. 


It's definitely the most affordable place I have ever stated in. It was only £25 and that was a double room for two people. You could have half hour free WiFi,  or pay £3 for 24 hours and that is what I did. You were entitled to have breakfast there for a price, however I chose not to.

The Hotel

It was clean, however there was a massive spider in the lobby and was still there the next day. I'm sure they could if helped him find the door....poor thing! There was a restaurant area which was open if you wanted to go in, however I didn't pay for meals and got them else where. 


The room was clean, our room was at the front of the hotel which meant we could hear all the traffic and people going on their way. They supplied us with a small kettle with sachets of coffee and tea but no pots of milk, so we were unable to have any due to there not being a fridge.  There was a reasonable sized television though. 
The bathroom was clean and an okay size, however the light switches had a mind of their own. You'd press the end switch once and it would be the bedroom, you turn it off and do it again it turns on the bathroom light. (Very weird!) Also I turned the tap on the basin turned it off, got into bed and the shower came on, on its own even though I hadn't touched it at all! Towels smelt a little funny too. 


I did have an okay night sleep, the bed was so comfortable and the pillows were like laying on a cloud! Perrrrfect! However, about 3/4am a man was yelling outside and slamming doors. I also heard someone beeping multiple times which by the time they stopped I was awake. It was a Friday my night though, weekdays may be a bit quieter.


I think for £25 for two people to stay one night, it's a really good price! However, if you want a coffee take some longlife milk with you and also maybe go on a weekday. For the price though it was fab and the location was close to everything I needed. 

A good budget hotel! 

Have you been anywhere nice recently? 


Monday, 23 January 2017

The Pretty Reckless Concert In The O2 Institute Birmingham!♡

 I recently went to a concert in the O2 Institute in Birmingham. The Pretty Reckless were doing a tour. I was so exited to be going, counting down the days.  

The day was here, my backpack was packed and ready at the side of me. We left in plenty of time for the coach up to Birmingham. I stayed in the Travelodge by the Bullring (there will be a review up soon) 

The concert was amazing! They were so good, exactly like they would be on a cd. However, if only I had taken a loan out before arriving for the drinks, you expect them to be expensive but wow. Two vodka and redbulls were £18 pound.. they also put a full cup of ice in too. 

Here are some of my pictures I managed to capture. If you live them and get the chance to see them, definitely go! 


Sunday, 22 January 2017

Primark's New Fitness Clothing Range

I could sit here and write 'I'm a fitness expert blah blah' but I'm not and far from it... I'm one of them people who get exhausted after running up the stairs. My new years resolutions every year always include 'lose weight' or 'tone up', it's impossible every year. This year though is going to be my year, I have bought many gym stuff from different places but these have to be my favourite. You really have excelled yourself Primark! 

The sports bra is so pretty and inside the cups, the only way I can describe it is foam oval shapes to make sure there is no nip slips (haha) 

The leggings and full length perfect for this weather at the moment, it is so cold in Wales right now. I also bought a skipping rope, it was cheap and I may use it.

If you are undecided about getting fit and healthy, take a trip to primark and see their gorgeous fitness range at the moment..... it will help you make your mind up!

What have you bought in Primark recently?


Baby Pink Hoodie, Ripped Jeans & Trainers Lazy Day OOTD ♡

I'm always looking for new outfits, browsing through pinterest for ideas. Some days you need to get dressed but not make an effort. I discovered this outfit after wanting to find lazy but stylist outfits. 

Last week I was needing to crawl out of my pyjamas and face the world so this was perfect. 

Outfit details:
Hoodie - River Island 
Ripped jeans - Matalan
Shoes - Lee Cooper In Sports Direct

The hoodie is so comfy and soft. It's like wearing a blanket. Definitely recommend Matalan jeans. They also have a pair that are similar to Topshop. The shoes were only £3.99 in that shop, why would you pay more for real converse when there is no need.

What are your favourite lazy but comfy outfits? 


Monday, 16 January 2017

Lush Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser Review

Angels On Bare Skin is one of the most popular cleansers by Lush as well as Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser.  The main thing I love about Lush is how all range is against Animal Testing and all the products are 100% natural ingredients. 

Kaolin which absorbs grease and dirt. It leaves your skin super clean and cleansed.
Lavender oil and rose which calms the skin if you suffer with redness.

This cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin, if you suffer with redness or anything this will cleanse the skin without irritating. It also helps tone and brighten the skin.

How to use:
Grab a small piece of the cleanser,  add a small amount of water and rub together until you create a paste. Massage onto the skin, it acts as a cleanser and exfoliatior in one. It also helps to improve your skin tone.

I am yet to try any of their cleansers, but this one gives me high hopes for the others.

Overall rating: 8/10

Have you tried any of the Lush skincare range?
What is your Favourite? 

Samanthalouisee ♡

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

My Current Favourites! Featuring No7, Sleek & The Balm

These are my current favourites. Collection lasting perfection in fair! It's such good coverage yet so cheap. For Christmas to remember I got the no7 gift set which came with the No7 Airbrush away primer, it's really silky soft and leaves the skin soft your makeup stays perfect all day. 
My favourite Mascara of the moment is L'Oréal Telescopic I know it's been around for years and I am late on the band waggon (when am I ever early!) It's so good though. It really lengthens your lashes, plus it's super black who doesn't love a very black mascara. 
This sleek blush in Rose Gold, it's so pigmented one swipe is too much. I love the shade though it's such a pretty shade with a hint of shimmer. 

Sleek blush in Rose Gold 

Finally, I am really enjoying using The Balm in Mary-Lou Highlighter. It's so pigmented, a little really goes a long way and it makes your cheeks look so good. 

What are your current favourites?

Samanthalouise ♡

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Soap & Glory The Whole Glam Lot Review

Soap and glory bring out a huge gift box every year.. every year they get better. I had this as a gift for Christmas although I do believe it has been star gift in boots and also now gone down to half price on boxing day. 

It has some of the best sellers included as well as some fabulous all round products. 

Sugar Crush Body Wash
Smells define! It's a huge bottle so will last a long time. It's not the well known Soap and glory scent but it's still lovely.

Scrub Of Your Life
Has the traditional soap and glory scent. This is one of the best body scrubs I have ever used. It's not too harsh, yet gets everything off. Perfect if you use fake tan. The beads give a good exfoliation and leaves skin silky smooth.

The Righteous Butter
A very moisturising body butter, smells good ( I'm going to be saying this about them all!) It's not the best moisturiser out them but does get the job done.

Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk
The scent of this one is completely different to the rest. I am not a fan of it. The moisturiser however is a very light, everyday texture soaks in easier than the Righteous Butter.

Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream
Its so hydrating, the cream is quite thick so you only need a little. It leaves your hands soft all day and smells lovely. Even if you wash your hands, your hands stay moisturised. Definitely a must have for all handbags.

3 In1 Daily Detox Facial Wash
It makes your skin feel so soft and clean.

Speed Plump Super Moisture Day Cream
I haven't tried this one yet due to having a moisturiser open already. It sounds full of lovely things for the skin though.

Thick & Fast Mascara
It's really good, makes your lashes volumised.

Sexy Mother Puckeridge Lip Gloss in Rose & Shine
Such a pretty colour and gives a tingly feeling to the lips. The colour is really natural.

Hand Maid Cleansing gel
Kills germs and leaves your skin so clean and smelling great.

You can buy all these things separately if you are unable to buy the set anymore.

What Is You Favourite Product? ♡

Samanthalouise x

Monday, 2 January 2017

My 2016!

It’s finally here. 2017!
How weird to now say it. 2016 was such a good year even with the ups and the downs. I lost my grampa during this year but all you can do is remember the good times and keep going to make them proud. In the words of Dory, ‘just keep swimming’

These are some of the things i’m going to remember of 2016:

Noel Gallagher - Seen noel Gallagher twice in concert, he was really good. His support for one event were Frightened Rabbit (which honestly are a good band, don’t let the name put you off) 

Frightened Rabbit - Scottish band

The Crowd

Buffalo Summer & Texas Flood - I first ever heard of these two bands this year. Both of which I saw live and they were so good! Welsh bands.. please Google them!

Brighton - I went to Brighton for a few days and stayed in the Old Ship, it was such a lovely but old style hotel.  Brighton is such an amazing place, you just have to go. I went on the pier, enjoyed stunning food in many places including an American Diner. 

The Old Ship Hotel

Brighton Pier

Dinner at The American Diner

Drinks at The American Diner - they were soo good!
Day Trips- I went on a few outings to pretty Welsh places. 

Oreo Cupcakes– I made Oreo Cupcakes for the first time. They look messy yet they were so good. I also tried one of these amazing doughnut milkshakes for the first time.

Doughnut Milkshakes- I tried one for the first time.. they are so nice! 

Halloween - I made a Disney Minnie mouse pumpkin. I do one every year! Child at heart I am.

Happy new year guys! Let me know your goals for 2017.

Do you know of any places I should travel to in 2017. ♡


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