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Monday, 2 January 2017

My 2016!

It’s finally here. 2017!
How weird to now say it. 2016 was such a good year even with the ups and the downs. I lost my grampa during this year but all you can do is remember the good times and keep going to make them proud. In the words of Dory, ‘just keep swimming’

These are some of the things i’m going to remember of 2016:

Noel Gallagher - Seen noel Gallagher twice in concert, he was really good. His support for one event were Frightened Rabbit (which honestly are a good band, don’t let the name put you off) 

Frightened Rabbit - Scottish band

The Crowd

Buffalo Summer & Texas Flood - I first ever heard of these two bands this year. Both of which I saw live and they were so good! Welsh bands.. please Google them!

Brighton - I went to Brighton for a few days and stayed in the Old Ship, it was such a lovely but old style hotel.  Brighton is such an amazing place, you just have to go. I went on the pier, enjoyed stunning food in many places including an American Diner. 

The Old Ship Hotel

Brighton Pier

Dinner at The American Diner

Drinks at The American Diner - they were soo good!
Day Trips- I went on a few outings to pretty Welsh places. 

Oreo Cupcakes– I made Oreo Cupcakes for the first time. They look messy yet they were so good. I also tried one of these amazing doughnut milkshakes for the first time.

Doughnut Milkshakes- I tried one for the first time.. they are so nice! 

Halloween - I made a Disney Minnie mouse pumpkin. I do one every year! Child at heart I am.

Happy new year guys! Let me know your goals for 2017.

Do you know of any places I should travel to in 2017. ♡



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